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Meet Our Planners :


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   My dream of wedding planning flourished at a young age. While attending a wedding, I had noticed there was no one to cut the cake; naturally, I went to ask the bride’s mother how they were going to serve the cake; she did not seem to be worried about it when everyone was standing by the cake waiting for it to be served. I jumped right in and started to serve the cake and the wedding went on and the guests were happy. After that, I knew it was my calling to make everyone’s wedding go without a hitch. I am a perfectionist and could not imagine someone forgetting the slightest detail that could easily be fixed by a wedding coordinator’s knowledge and expertise.


 During college, I joined the planning committee for Relay For Life. Fighting cancer is a huge passion of mine with the American Cancer Society. I love to donate my time to the American Cancer Society. After 6 years of planning this huge annual event, I realized event planning was the life for me. I started an internship with a floral and wedding coordinating company and fell in love with the process even more. I began my wedding planning career after I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am so lucky to be able to do weddings in the most beautiful place in the world, Lake Tahoe.

     After being in the wedding industry for three years and creating relationships, I felt comfortable enough to start my own business. Plan Your Day is my baby and has been since Plan Your Day's first wedding back in 2017; it is my honor to plan the best day of our couples' lives!

     In my free time, I love to do CrossFit competitions and coaching CrossFit. I love hanging out with my two dogs, Gus and Dexter. If I could, I would go to coffee every morning and chat with new friends and eat sushi every day. 


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    My story does not start with “I’ve been planning my dream wedding since I was a child...”, in fact, my dream wedding would not be a traditional wedding at all! Wedding planning was something I stumbled upon by pure accident. While helping with a charity event as a server, I was pulled aside by the event coordinator who had asked me for help. With my experience of being a preschool teacher and in the medical field, my natural leader instinct came out and that was it! I fell in love. I helped with a few events shortly after then decided to try out weddings. I have always been artistic, organized, and a perfectionist; so naturally, I have come to realize wedding planning is the perfect place for me.


    There is nothing like meeting with a couple and making their dream wedding become a reality. Forming a bond and spending hours, weeks, and months preparing for their special day is something you cannot put into words. Seeing the joy in our couples' eyes at their wedding is what makes it worth it to me! 

    I never thought I’d end up saying Wedding Planning is something I want to do for the rest of my life, but it’s true! I have over six years of experience and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for our clients! 

Hobbies, you ask... 


Traveling is my passion and I hope to check off as many places as I can! I enjoy working out, riding side-by-sides, playing softball, camping, and spending quality time with my friends and family!


Fun facts about me: 

I am Hungarian and my family was a part of a circus.

I was an EMT and certified Firefighter, now I am a full-time Wedding Planner.

I have been to more places outside of the U.S. than in the U.S.


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